CNC Machinist Jobs in New Zealand

  • Full Time
  • New Zealand
  • Posted on October 28, 2023
  • 20 t0 30 NZD / Hour

Joblane International Manpower Services, INC

Joblane International Manpower Services is offering new positions of CNC Machinist jobs in New Zealand. A CNC machinist is a skilled craftsman who creates precision parts using computer numerical control (CNC) machinery. CNC machines are computer-controlled tools capable of performing sophisticated machining tasks. CNC machinists employ their machining and programming skills to produce items that fit exact specifications.

New Zealand is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, around 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) east of Australia. Overall, New Zealand is a beautiful and exciting country with a lot to offer. If you are looking for a place to live with stunning scenery, friendly people, and a relaxed lifestyle, then New Zealand may be the perfect place for you.

Position: CNC Machinist jobs.

Responsibilities of CNC Machinist Jobs:-

  • CNC machinists must be able to program CNC machines in order to make complex pieces. This entails comprehending the machining process as well as the capabilities of the CNC machine.
  • Setting up and operating CNC machines: CNC machinists must be able to set up and operate CNC machines safely and efficiently. This comprises material loading and unloading, tool adjustment, and monitoring of the machining process.
  • Machined component inspection and testing: CNC machinists must be able to inspect and test machined parts to guarantee that they fulfill standards. This entails checking the dimensions and tolerances of the parts with measuring equipment and gauges.
  • CNC machinists must be able to maintain CNC machines to guarantee that they are in good operating order. This includes cleaning, lubricating, and repairing the machinery.
  • Troubleshooting CNC machine difficulties: CNC machinists must be able to troubleshoot CNC machine problems in order to ensure that the machines are running properly. This includes determining the root of the problem and taking corrective action.

Criteria for CNC Machinist Jobs 2024:-

  • Filipino Candidates.
  • 3 years experience as a CNC Machinist
  • Self-assured in speaking and understanding English
  • Valid Passport.
  • Detailed Resume.
  • Certificate of Employment.

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