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SRK Construction Ltd

SRK Construction Ltd is the leading contracting organization in Canada.

Canada is a terrific place to live and work, with a strong economy, beautiful landscape, and a diverse population. Chapin’s Contracting INC, a famous contracting firm in Canada, is looking for a bright and experienced Construction Worker to join our team. SRK Construction Ltd is the leading contracting organization in Canada. They are committed to fostering a high-quality, long-term work environment known for their innovative ideas. They have a dedicated and seasoned team of individuals who are enthusiastic about their creative ideas. SRK Construction Ltd needs a Construction Worker to join their team. They pay a decent hourly income of $20.50 for 40 hours per week. If you are a bright and experienced Construction Worker looking for challenging and fulfilling work, we welcome you to apply.


  • Construction Worker

Construction Worker Jobs Canada - Filipino Career

Duties of a Construction Worker:-

  • The Construction General Manager Plays a very important role in overseeing and managing the construction of all projects from inception to completion and clearance.
  • GCMs are responsible for developing project plans that outline the scope, schedule, budget, and resources required during construction projects.
  • He manages project budgets by estimating costs, creating budgets, and tracking expenses throughout the project.
  • The Construction General Manager identifying and mitigating potential risks is important in the construction of all projects. The GCMs are responsible for conducting risk assessments, developing risk mitigation strategies, and implementing measures to ensure the safety of the workforce and the projects, success.
  • Allocate material, human, and financial resources to implement organizational policies and all programs.
  • Establish objectives for the organization and approve policies and programs.

Criteria of a Construction Worker:-

How to Apply:-

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  • Please do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. The application date is Dec 14, 2023.


  • 4204 26 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6L 4G7 Canada.

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