Sous Chef Worker Hire For Taiwan

Bechtel Limited 

The New POEA job vacancies are available for all interested candidates in the famous country Taiwan. The Hiring Company Bechtel Limited is looking for suitable candidates for the post of New Sous Chef in Taipei City Taiwan. Both males and females can apply for the position of Sous Chef. Taiwan is a well economic and well-developed country in the world. The hiring company will pay a good salary 28k Plus to the selected in these positions. Must apply for the golden job before the end date of Appication by Bechtel.


  • Sous Chef

Sous Chef Responsibilities:

  • the primary role of a sous chef is to support the head chef in all aspects of kitchen management, including planning, organizing, and executing culinary activities.
  • Sous chefs are often responsible for preparing and cooking various dishes. They must ensure that the food is prepared to the highest quality standards and follows established recipes.
  • Collaborate with the head chef in creating and updating the menu. Sous chefs may suggest new dishes, provide input on ingredient selection, and help with menu planning.
  • Oversee the work of kitchen staff, including line cooks, prep cooks, and kitchen assistants. Sous chefs help coordinate activities during service hours to ensure a smooth operation.
  • Maintain high standards of food quality, taste, and presentation. Sous chefs taste dishes to ensure they meet the restaurant’s standards before they are served to customers.
  • Address any issues or challenges that arise during food preparation or service, such as equipment malfunctions or kitchen staff conflicts.

Sous Chef jobs Criteria:

  • Interested candidates with eight years of working experience are welcome to apply for this role.
  • Candidates must be at least a graduate of a four-year undergraduate course.
  • At least two years of vocational graduate.
  • Have good communication skills in English.

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How to Apply:

Candidates send their resumes to the given address below.

Last Date:- The timer is ticking. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to submit your application by NOV 21, 2023.

Applying Address:- 5439 Curie St., Palanan, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

POEA License & Registration No: POEA-108-LB-062515-R-PAE

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